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Aloha, and mahalo for your interest in helping grow a healthier world, one super thriving plant at a time! With BioSolutions you will absolutely grow much healthier food for your family and your community. The fun part is also how quickly and prolific your plants will grow… and how pest and disease free they will become in a very short time. 


Worldwide, 5.6 Billion pounds of pesticides and countless Billions of pounds of Petro-chemical Fertilizers are annually sprayed on farms, lawns, orchards and forests… please be part of our BIOSOLUTIONS!

  • • Provides quick and measurable increases in plant growth and hardiness.
  • • Kills most all mold, fungus, yeast, mildew, powdery mildew, white fly, rust, scale,Coffee Berry Borer, Long Horned Beetle, Rapid Ohia Death.
  • • Organic, non-toxic and safe for you, your workers and your family.
  • • Improves farming income by restoring soil biology to increase yields.
  • • Increases yields, ranging from 20% to 1600% in fruits and vegetables.
  • • Increases sugar content, improving the taste of fruits and vegetables.
  • • Rapidly breaks down minerals and nutrients to bioavailable micronutrients.
  • • Raises acidic 3-4 pH Hawaiian soil to approx. 7 pH… literally overnight!
  • • Improves effectiveness of fertilizers and insecticides
  • • Reduces watering requirements and helps crops survive draughts.
  • • Extends growing seasons for fruits and vegetables.
  • • Breaks down toxic insecticides, herbicides and petrochemical fertilizers.
  • • Extends freshness of fruits and vegetables.
  • • Helps lawns remain green and lush year round.
  • • Increases mineral content and yield of pasture grass.
  • • Reduces the cost of fertilizers and insecticides.
  • • Helps heal damaged golf greens and residential lawns.
  • • Helps prevent freeze and frost damage.
  • • Extremely cost-effective.

How can BioWash increase plants production?

When applied with BioWash, young plants grow more rapidly. The sub-atomic particles of the application quickly penetrate the leaves to spark more-efficient photosynthesis and higher BRIX (plant sugar) levels. This makes the plants stronger, healthier and better able to resist diseases and harmful insects, while attracting honeybees. Plants have earlier and higher rates of germination, quicker flowering and increasing overall crop yields. 

estate & small farm sizes

regular mix


Quart Size


The quart size is a great starting point for trying out BioWash – or if you just have a small personal garden or estate – 

  • treats 1.25 acre of surface area
  • Fruit Trees
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Greenhouses
  • Aquaponics
  • Equipment Cleaning

Gallon Size


The gallon size is the next step up. Perfect for the local farmer or small orchard 5+ acres of surface area 

  • treats 5 acres of surface area
  • Orchards
  • Small farms
  • Industrial greenhouses
  • aquaponics
  • Equipment Cleaning

commercial & ranch sizes

super concentrates


1-Gallon SC


Super Concentrates are designed for large-scale operations. 4 times the strength compared to the small farm gallons – Equal to 4 regular gallons at the price of 3 –

  • treats 20 acre of surface area
  • Fruit Trees orchards
  • large farms
  • industrial Greenhouses
  • Aquaponics
  • Equipment Cleaning, tractors, etc.

5-Gallon SC


The 5 gallon size is the next step up. Perfect for the local farmer or small orchard 5+ acres of surface area 

  • treats 100 acres of surface area
  • Orchards
  • large farms, ranches
  • Industrial greenhouses
  • aquaponics
  • Equipment Cleaning, tractors, etc.

Official Certifications

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