What is a Biosolution?



The incredibly small size of 1 – 3 nanometers, allow these particles to be absorbed right into leaves and bark within only fifteen to twenty minutes of spraying. They get right into the circulatory system of the plant or tree where they cause a doubling of the photosynthesis… so the result is far more energy for growing much more branches, foliage, blooms, nuts and fruits and vegetables! 

BioSolutions is not classified by the USDA as a pesticide because pesticides kill by attacking the nervous system of harmful bugs. What it does instead is dissolve the bugs’ exo-skeletons and joints on contact as well as their insides when ingested.

Other pests on the inside and outside of the plant such as Black Mold, Fungus, Yeast, Mildew, Powdery Mildew, White Fly, Scale, Rust, Fire Ants (climbing on our trees and falling on us) are killed when we spray the leaves and branches with Bio-Foliar. Our customers have also reported that their Ohia Trees, which they thought to be dead from ROD…  now have new branches and leaves sprouting! Obviously there is a limit on when any tree or plant can be revived but we have seen near miracle responses to our products!

How can these organic plant compounds kill pests? This would be the time to assure you that there is absolutely nothing toxic that could possibly hurt any humans, pets or in fact any mammal! 


BIOSOLUTION  #2.     BIO-ROOT & SOIL MEND… is the next logical step to complement and support the Bio-Foliar product. As the name implies this product is sprayed on to slightly saturate the ground from the stalk or trunk out to the drip line. Again, it’s the miniscule particles that are absorbed right into the tiny pukas (nooks and crannies) in the minerals and nutrients in the soil. Quantum physics says that the smaller the particle, the more energy it releases. Since these are so small, when they release their energy in the first 12 hours, they literally blow apart these minerals and nutrients and now they become super bio-available. This changes the pH in the soil from our very acidic 3 or 4 pH to a near perfect 7.5pH… literally over-night.


The C.E.C (cation-exchange), which is the flow of electrons from the soil to the roots, increases up to 50%. It is these electrons that carry nutrients from the soil to the roots… so this increase causes the roots to grow tremendously, ranging from an average doubling or tripling… up to as much as six times the “normal” size!  The result of this massive intake of minerals is of course a much heartier and productive plant or tree.

Another result of these minerals is much much sweeter, tastier fruits and vegetables because the Brix (sugar) content is a direct result of available mineral content in the soil making its way into the plants. Please read my explanation in the “Fun Facts” section to learn how we lost most of our minerals from our farm soils… 

Why BioWash?

What is the difference?

The following is a partial list of the ingredients: 

Almond Oil (sweet), Cedar Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Citronella Oil, Non GMO organic corn Oil, Extracts of Garlic, Geranium Oil, Jojoba Oil, Karanja Oil,  Lemongrass Oil, Lilly Extract, Mint Oil,  Peppermint Oil, Neem Oil, Soybean Oil, Sodium Coco Poly Glucoside citrate, Ethyl Lactate, Dextronic Acid, Luconic 

Acid, Sapodilla, Processed Extracts of  Sugar Cane, Tall Oil Fatty Acids, Water,                        

30 million year old minerals with Fulvic and Humic Acids from 2,000 feet under the Great Salt Lake in Utah… mined with a cold water extraction. This is one of the top 5 mines of it’s kind in the world. 

Farmers and gardeners regularly report yield increases ranging from 20% to 50% on all varieties of plants and trees and quite regularly quite a few will amaze us all and have a 1600% percent or greater increase in fruit. An avocado orchard that was barren for 11 years came back to abundant life (200 avos per tree) suddenly after only one foliar spraying. On our own farm was a  Lychee tree that had not produced fruit for 5 years but after applying the “Root and Soil Mend” only one time, the tree responded with  thousands of Lychee fruit… that was with applying only  $1.50 worth of our product!!!

Most crops treated with BioSolutions mature about two weeks earlier, which facilitates double cropping. One of our customers planted 25 acres with seedlings of low bearing papayas. In only 4 months his new trees had an average of 21 papayas! He had his fruiting season extend for a full six months beyond normal, which resulted in 60 to 100 papayas per tree and an income of  $1,000,000!!!

Stronger plants with deeper roots, reduces lodging and makes the plants more wind and draught resistant. 

Biowash particles can easily break down safely and quickly by micro-organisms and serves as rich resources to nature & environment.

Plant roots absorb moisture, oxygen and nutrient ions from the soil via a process described as “Cation Exchange” (CEC). Bio-Root & Soil Mend contains tiny particles that are capable of attracting and exchanging positive ions of nitrogen and trace minerals, as well as other nutrients and moisture, Bio-Root  enhances CEC between roots and nutrient ions present in the soil. This enhanced CEC greatly increases quick absorbtion of nutrients and moisture, visibly enhances growth, hardiness and yields while at the same time reducing the amount of water and fertilizer needed.

BioSolutions are not a pesticide. However, due to a higher BRIX index (sugar content) it does keep many harmful insects off your farms and orchards. This occurs because most insects cannot digest the increased sugar content now in the plants and therefore they leave your plants alone. Additionally, BioSolutions break down the hardshell coating known as “chitin” on many household pests such as ants and even cockroaches… within only two or three minute of spraying them. It is absolutely harmless to all mammals, which makes it fun and easy to use.

This is in direct contrast to using toxic chemical pesticides, which are directed at the pests’ neurological system, which with time are able to develop a natural resistence, leaving scientists to develop stronger and stronger pesticides to curb their advanced neurological system… further poisoning us and our environment.

Bio-Root & Soil Mend aerates the soil, breaks down old fertilizers and pesticides improving resistance to drought.

How can BioWash increase plants production?

When applied with BioWash, young plants grow more rapidly. The sub-atomic particles of the application quickly penetrate the leaves to spark more-efficient photosynthesis and higher BRIX (plant sugar) levels. This makes the plants stronger, healthier and better able to resist diseases and harmful insects, while attracting honeybees. Plants have earlier and higher rates of germination, quicker flowering and increasing overall crop yields. 

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